AuKing Mining Limited Prospectus

For the public offer of 30,000,000 ordinary shares at an issue price of $0.20 each to raise $6,000,000, with provision to accept oversubscriptions for a further 5,000,000 shares to raise a further $1,000,000 together with free-attaching options exercisable at $0.25 on or before 30 June 2023 to be issued on the basis of one (1) option for every two (2) ordinary shares issued. LEAD MANAGER: Novus Capital Limited ABN 32 006 711 995. The Public Offer is not underwritten. This Prospectus is a re-compliance prospectus that has been prepared for the purposes of satisfying Chapters 1 and 2 of the ASX Listing Rules and to satisfy the ASX requirements for re-listing following a change to the nature and scale of the Company’s activities. The issue of Offer Securities pursuant to this Prospectus is subject to receiving conditional ASX approval for re-quotation of the Company’s Shares on the ASX, Shareholders passing all Approval Resolutions and all other conditions referred to in the Approval Resolutions being satisfied. If all such conditions are not satisfied no Offer Securities will be issued pursuant to this Prospectus and the Company will repay all money received from Applicants without interest. AuKing Mining Limited ACN 070 859 522 Lead Manager THIS DOCUMENT IS IMPORTANT AND IT SHOULD BE READ IN ITS ENTIRETY If you are in any doubt as to the contents of this document, you should consult your stockbroker, solicitor, professional adviser, banker or accountant without delay. The securities offered by this Prospectus are considered to be speculative. Prospectus